Friday, May 10, 2013

Picture Blog: PAX East Boston

Panoramic shot from the top of elevator with my Xperia TL  

Halo 4 at PAX East!!!

League of Legends at PAX East

Gunnar Booth at PAX East! @JessicaMonda @MrsViolence @CyberNova @miss_magitek

Hanging out with Ziggs!

Garen and Sivir Cos Play

Good Guy @djxyanyde handing out a crazy amount of PAX skin codes

Shootmania Tournament!

Everybody knows who this guy is!! 

Anyone down to game???

Behind the camera at GameSpots Beat the Pros Panel. Featuring: Filipino Champ, Mrs Violence, Legit, Strongside, TSM, & Tsquared. 

SteelSeries - Thanks for the amazing headsets, keyboards, mice, & surfaces! 

30 QCK Surfaces - Don't count them all!

I spent most of my time fixing these Xbox's instead of playing with fans in line =(

Crowd Shot #1

Crowd Shot #2 featuring Legit, Strongsides forehead, & this guy.....

WildTurtle with the big smile before he is officially on TSM

Filipino Champ getting ready to take on the sick competition that showed up!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Picture Blog: MLG Pro Circuit Winter Championship in Dallas, TX (March 15-17)

Picture Blog:
MLG Pro Circuit Winter Championship in Dallas, TX (March 15-17)

Awesome shot of the championship trophy with my Xperia TL

 Sepso (@msepso) kicked off a special tour of the new 2013 MLG floor layout

Shot of the venue right when you walk in! Lots of memories in that main stage!
The League of Legends Main Stage

The Call of Duty: Black Ops II crowd at MLG Dallas
The LoL crowd from the top of the bleachers

Puckett (@MLGPuckett)  - who did a great job casting all weekend!

The Best Gamer on Campus and good friend Detach (@MLGDetach) - good luck in the Army buddy!

The legendary  Mr X (@MLGMRX)

Watching the CoD finals with Ogre 2 (@tomryanogre2)

Hanging out with Leah & Sarah (@VballchickPMS)

Kelly (@MrsViolence) & Rachel (@Seltzerplease) - best bot lane NA!

Dana (@jforjade) and her crazy new haircut!

Hanging out with Riv! (@rivingtonthe3rd)

Phreak (@RiotPhreak)

Andrew from CSN (@cybersportsnet)

Muggsy (@muggsyvd) taking a picture of me taking his picture

The one and only Xyanade! (@djxyanade)

The production area behind the curtains
Saving lives event after event!
Kelly and I always get troll'd!

Attention MLG attendees: next event pick up after yourselves!  <3 Tsquared

Friday, November 16, 2012

MLG Dallas & HALO 4

                                        MLG Dallas & Halo 4

A number of awesome new HALO 4 videos have been added to my YouTube channel - Here is the link to my Official YouTube Channel for commentaries, gameplay, tips & tricks, montages, and much much more! 

This HALO 4 video is an intro to the new weapons - includes Overkills, Frenzies, and answers some FAQ's about button settings and layouts. Enjoy!

MLG Dallas was one of the most memorable eSports events that I've ever been to. We saw the return of old school Halo pros to the venue like Zyos, Darkman, and there was even a wild Ogre1 sighting - who played on the Aussie team. It was great to see all of those familiar faces and to meet some new people as well. Big shout out to everyone who attended the event in person and to those who supported MLG by watching online!

The event started off with a BANG when I picked up my new Sony Xperia TL phone (aka the Bond phone). You may have seen me taking tons of pictures and video with the TL, which is much cooler when you have a 13 megapixel camera installed in your phone. Speaking of James Bond, definitely going to see Skyfall with Mrs Violence over the weekend. 

   Below is a video and picture timeline of the tournament so please enjoy!

        Video from MLG Dallas & the trophy ceremony filmed on my Xperia TL
               Snap shots from my new Xperia TL inside the ropes of MLG Dallas

Mikwen with the peace sign
Big congrats to Legendary and Coby for placing 4th!
Kevin Franklin - 343 Multiplayer Designer
The Halo 4 Crowd at MLG Dallas

A wild Ogre 1 sighting!
Darkman! The first pro Halo player from back in the day!

Sushi after w/ Twitch and friends

                MLG Dallas interviews and pro player impressions on Halo 4 

 Goofy and Ryanoob chat about Halo 4

 Interview with Warriors after their MLG Dallas victory
 Pro Player impressions of Halo 4

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